maak plasing gnstling Please help if possible (Rapid city, sd) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

2021 cherry ave


My mother and I got out ok I got out with pants shoes and a jacket other then that we lost everything Im not the type of person that likes asking for help red cross helped us with essentials but thats about it for now. The picture above is taken from the opposite side of our apt. The fire started directly above ours. I got my mom out right away seems how shes on oxygen and went back in for our coats and to turn off her oxygen so it didnt blow. My mom is 64 and retired on oxygen and Im already working 6 days a week to make enough for us to get by. I hate asking for help but if everyone that sees this can share it and maybe if you can help itd be greatly appreciated god bless and thank you guys..The link is below to my fb page anything is appreciated even a dollar if everyone donated 1 wed have so much thank you all for your time.
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