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N Maple Ave at E Adams Street


We are looking for a good home for 2 older dachshunds, whose Daddy pasted away. Black and tan female dachshund/miniature schnauzer cross and her brown w/liver spots pure breed dachshund brother. Both are fixed. They must stay together. Wonderful companion dogs. The female is in your lap or at your feet where ever you go, and her brother isn't far away. They are older, but don't act like it. They love being in the yard with you, taking walks, or cuddling in to watch tv. They like children and get along with other dogs. It would be best, if they were the only pets, as they want to be the center of your attention. House broke to a pee pad. Current on their shots. My sister-in-law and I have been caring for them, but I already have 2 dogs and watch my sister's dog part-time. Five dogs in one house, is just too many. Can you give a pair of loving dogs a good home? Please call visa kontaktinfo
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